About us

Born in Melbourne in 2023, Cold Hearted is more than a clothing company; it's a movement empowering those that aren't afraid to be a little cold-hearted in a world that demands warmth.

We redefine streetwear by crafting standout garments that blend timeless design, premium materials, and a dedication to self-expression.


  • Authenticity: We celebrate individuality, embracing those who proudly stay true to themselves.
  • Quality: Craftsmanship is our priority, ensuring our clothing is durable and comfortable.
  • Innovation: Pushing boundaries in streetwear, we offer fresh and unique designs.
  • Inclusivity: Cold Hearted is for everyone, transcending gender, race, and background.
  • Empowerment: More than fashion, wearing Cold Hearted is embracing a mindset of confidence, strength, and authenticity.

Join us in redefining 'cold-hearted' as a celebration of the bold, authentic, and resilient. Cold Hearted is not just fashion; it's a lifestyle and an empowering force for those who wear their hearts on their sleeves.